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How is the coating applied? Can I send my windows to UE to be coated?

Our coating is applied to glass as part of the standard glass and window manufacturing process using thin-film deposition known as physical vapor deposition, similar to how Low-E coatings are applied. While we hope to be able to apply it to existing windows in the future, we currently only offer it on new or replacement […]

Are these windows only for producing energy or do they also function as a Low-E window? If yes, how does the coating compare to conventional coatings regarding transparency and thermal insulation/solar control?

Yes, our windows function as traditional Low-E windows while also producing energy like conventional solar panels. Our coating today is similar to double and triple silver coated low-E coatings that have emissivity of only a few percent and solar factor/solar heat gain coefficient as low as 0.25, while simultaneously achieving power conversion efficiencies as high as 10%. […]

How are Ubiquitous Energy windows different from other solar windows on the market?

After nearly a decade of R&D, Ubiquitous Energy has developed an award-winning technology, the world’s first aesthetically acceptable, electricity-generating alternative to traditional windows. Other solar window technologies have tradeoffs in transparency, color, viewing area obstruction, haze, or energy efficiency, making them difficult to adopt as a drop in alternative to standard windows. Ubiquitous Energy’s coating […]

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