ubiquitous energy

After nearly a decade of R&D, Ubiquitous Energy has developed an award-winning technology, the world’s first aesthetically acceptable, electricity-generating alternative to traditional windows. Other solar window technologies have tradeoffs in transparency, color, viewing area obstruction, haze, or energy efficiency, making them difficult to adopt as a drop in alternative to standard windows. Ubiquitous Energy’s coating harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end products. The thin coating is applied to the surface of window glass to provide electricity generation, all while maintaining the aesthetic of a traditional window. It all comes down to one word-transparency. Traditional windows typically range from 40-70%. Our product formulations span this entire range and have demonstrated the highest combination of efficiency and transparency (efficiency x transparency). This combined performance comes from the nature of our technology. We have the only patent-protected solar technology that selectively captures ultraviolet and infrared light while allowing visible light through, allowing our windows to be both highly transparent and highly efficient.

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