ubiquitous energy

Commercial Glass

The push for greener buildings presents challenges for builders and developers alike. With commercial buildings accounting for nearly 40 percent of the world’s total energy consumption, UE windows make aggressive carbon-neutral goals achievable for both new and existing structures.

To building occupants, UE windows have the clear, vibrant experience that is expected from traditional windows. To building administrators and developers, they are a powerful new tool in the quest for optimal energy use.

Residential Windows

Ubiquitous Energy powers the undetectable anchor for the smart home industry: the smart window. UE’s residential windows are a new product category, windows with on-board solar power to drive a variety of functions.

The on-board power platform seamlessly integrates with a plethora of smart home devices and other electronics throughout the home, all while maintaining complete continuity with traditional residential windows, both in terms of visual aesthetic and low-E functionality.

Future Applications

Ubiquitous Energy envisions a world where every surface, no matter how large or small, can generate electricity without compromising aesthetics using truly transparent photovoltaic technology. We see endless possibilities, applying our proprietary coating to consumer electronics, transportation vehicles, and even greenhouses. Any product that requires electricity can benefit from transparent solar, and as more high-quality, smart devices are adopted, the more opportunity we have to become less reliant on outside power sources. The possibilities are truly ubiquitous.

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