Ubiquitous Energy is thrilled to highlight a variety of its installation projects around the world-a major company commercialization milestone. In its mission to seamlessly integrate solar technology into everyday products, Ubiquitous Energy has moved one step closer to a world where every surface can generate electricity without compromising appearance. Ubiquitous Energy remains committed to innovative engineering, enabling windows that harvest solar energy to produce electricity while maintaining traditional window aesthetics and performance. Transparent solar window installations like those highlighted here offset a building’s electricity consumption and lead to a more sustainable future.


Redwood City CA

Building Exterior
Exterior View
Building Interior
Interior View

Ubiquitous Energy installed the world’s first truly transparent solar window façade at its headquarters in Redwood City, CA. Replacing single-pane windows, UE integrated approximately 100 square feet of transparent solar windows as an exterior facing façade. While generating renewable energy, this installation maintains high transparency, color neutrality, and aesthetics of traditional low emissivity (low-E) windows. Electricity produced by the windows is used to power the LED overhead lighting in its adjacent room, all while maintaining the same look and performance as standard commercial window glass.


Northwood, OH

Exterior shot of Window
Exterior View
Interior View of Window
Interior View

The NSG (Nippon Sheet Glass, Co. Ltd.) facility in Northwood, Ohio has installed Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent solar technology as windows in its front entry façade. The UE Power™ windows collect and transmit electricity, which is then transferred and stored in a battery. Northwood’s installation logs and monitors environmental conditions such as light exposure and temperature in addition to power generation, attributes that in the future can be used to inform how to best offset building energy consumption.

More installations to be announced soon.