Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent solar technology working towards a goal of helping solve climate change by creating truly transparent renewable energy for every surface across the globe. Ubiquitous Energy’s patented technology, UE Power™, is the world’s first invisible electricity-generating alternative to traditional windows. UE Power™ harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for greater energy efficiency. Founded by scientists from MIT, Ubiquitous Energy is now producing its highly transparent, efficient solar cells in a production facility in Silicon Valley. 

Technology Invented

The concept of a transparent solar device that captures primarily non-visible light is invented by Vladimir Bulovic, Richard Lunt, and Miles Barr at MIT and Michigan State University.

Technology First Published, Patent Application Filed, Ubiquitous Energy Founded

The researchers publish some of their work in Applied Physics Letters and file for patent applications to protect the concept of selective absorption, whereby the solar device selectively absorbs non-visible (UV and IR) parts of the solar spectrum while transmitting visible light. Ubiquitous Energy is founded and incorporated.

First Prototype Devices Created By Ubiquitous Energy

The first transparent solar prototypes are created by the Ubiquitous Energy team by renting time in shared fabrication facilities and using commercially available materials.  This work would lead to a series of articles, honors, and awards, including National Science Foundation grant funding.

Ubiquitous Energy Establishes Corporate Headquarters in Silicon Valley

Ubiquitous Energy relocates from the Cambridge, MA area to Redwood City, CA, where it establishes its own chemistry and R&D facilities in addition to nearly doubling the number of company employees.

Rapid Prototyping R&D Line Commissioned and World Record Performance Certified

A state-of-the-art rapid prototyping R&D line is commissioned at the company's headquarters, which enables fabrication and testing of more than 1 million devices per year, lending to first certified world record performance for transparent solar cells.

First Windows Prototype

The first large area, 1ft x 1ft, window prototype is fabricated. The window prototype represents the highest combination of transparency and efficiency that has ever been demonstrated.

Established Partnerships with Global Glass Manufacturers

Based on the rapid development of the novel core technology, Ubiquitous Energy enters into development partnerships with several of the world's largest glass manufacturers. the development partnerships focus Ubiquitous Energy on first target applications for architectural windows for commercial and residential markets.

First Public Demonstration of Power Producing Window Façade of Prototype

Ubiquitous Energy demonstrates a 1 square meter demonstration façade of its transparent solar window technology at the preeminent, bi-annual global glass event - Glass Performance Days.

Pilot Manufacturing Line Commissioned at Company Headquarters and First Large Area Building Installation Unveiled

Ubiquitous Energy commissions its pilot manufacturing line, which can produce industry standard prototype size (14"x20") transparent solar windows, with an event attended by partners, investors, and local leaders, including the Redwood City mayor. 100 square feet of transparent solar windows are installed into Ubiquitous Energy's building. The transparent solar windows power the overhead LED lighting in the conference room adjacent to the façade.

National Media Coverage on CNN Highlighting Ubiquitous Energy as an emerging solar window company

With continued development and improvement, CNN features Ubiquitous Energy in a segment on their nationally televised business show and website.

Ubiquitous Energy successfully completes three major installations around the world

These installations demonstrate solar technology that does not disrupt the aesthetics of the building’s envelope as well as growth for technology and company in general. With these installations and our Series B funding close, Ubiquitous Energy received national and international coverage in mainstream media as well as glass and solar specific publications.