Transparent Solar Technology

Patented Chemistry

With our patented technology, Ubiquitous Energy has expanded what’s possible in photovoltaic technology. We’ve engineered our solar cells to selectively transmit visible light, what we see, while absorbing and converting invisible ultraviolet and infrared light into electricity. This makes our technology the first truly transparent solar technology, allowing windows to convert ambient light into useful electricity without impacting aesthetics or performance. 

Patented Chemistry

  • Non-hazardous, Earth abundant materials
  • Follows standard industry coating practices
  • Low-E thermal performance

Truly Transparent

  • No aesthetic compromise to visibility
  • Virtually indistinguishable to traditional passive glass
  • Follows industry standard color neutrality

Power Generating

  • Offsets up to 30% of building electricity
  • Power features directly at the source
  • Reduce carbon emissions from homes and buildings

Truly Transparent Solar for Everyday Surfaces