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Are Ubiquitous Energy windows environmentally friendly?

Ubiquitous Energy windows are made with materials that are not hazardous and non-toxic. The materials used for our technology are green and clean allowing developers and property owners to feel secure and safe to install these products.

How will you direct the energy produced in the windows? Where will the energy go once it is produced? Do you need cables within the window profile, etc.?

All of the necessary wiring is hidden within the frame or within the window itself. In some applications, the electricity that is generated can be used entirely within the window to power electronics features within the window such as sensors and automated mechanics, or in other applications can be fed into the building’s electricity grid. […]

Can my entire home be powered by solar windows?

Similar to rooftop solar panels, our solar windows are meant to offset your home’s current energy consumption. In addition, they can power smart home functionality through features such as motorized blinds, built-in security systems, environmental monitoring, and much more.

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