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UE 2022 Review

2022 was a massive year for Ubiquitous Energy. We made significant technological advancements, grew our team by more than 50%, and saw increased demand from customers, investors, and licensing partners. As we look back and reflect on 2022, we want to highlight some notable milestones:

  • Technology breakthroughs
  • New installation
  • Andersen partnership
  • Inflation Reduction Act 
  • Awards and articles


Our UE team works tirelessly to push the limits and constantly strives to “take it to the next level.” Every accomplishment below is a testament to our team and their hard work. We are excited about what 2023 will bring and the upcoming announcements we’ll have to share.


Technology Breakthroughs

2022 brought incredible milestones for Ubiquitous Energy. We incorporated artificial intelligence into our new materials discovery process, including a partnership with Citrine Informatics. AI technology has enabled us to more quickly identify the most promising transparent solar materials for next generation products with even better performance. Refer back to our press release highlighting our work in this area for more information.


Additionally, we announced our successful demonstration of the first large-area coating of our transparent solar materials. UE Power™ organic semiconductor materials were deposited in a full-size manufacturing prototype coater, which showed near-perfect uniformity within 1-2% tolerance over 1.5-meter wide glass for coatings that are tens of nanometers thick. This demonstration shows our ability to mass-produce large-scale glass in our future manufacturing line. 


Notable Installation: 

With our partners in Japan, NSG and ENEOS, we concluded a one-year installation project in Tokyo at one of NSG’s facilities. Eighteen units of our prototype UE Power™ window units were installed onto a temperature-controlled room and compared to an identical room with the same size window units without UE Power™ to observe the impact of our technology’s power generation and energy savings performance over one year. The results showed that the look and transparency of UE Power™ windows were similar to the control room windows, did not change over the year, and had steady normalized energy generation over the entire year. Proving that UE Power™ has the ability to be a significant decarbonization tool, the room with UE Power™ windows had 19% energy savings compared to the room with control room windows.


Andersen Partnership

In early 2022, we announced Andersen Corporation as a new investor in our Series B funding round, which brought a lot of buzz and excitement to both companies and the window industry at large. UE’s transparent solar glass technology being one of Andersen Corporation’s Ventures team’s initial investments underscores the exciting future for our technology and highlights a key emerging innovation in architectural glass.


Later in the year, we announced that our relationship had grown, including plans to jointly develop our first go-to-market UE Power™ window systems for residential and light commercial buildings. We are proud to work with a respected industry leader who not only shares our vision about our technology and what it can do to revolutionize the window industry, but also shares our values. 



Our team is proud of being recognized with some fantastic awards last year. Our CEO, Susan Stone, was named one of Entrepreneur’s 100 Women of Influence in 2022. To be listed with these remarkable women was an honor for Susan. 


Our Co-founder and CTO, Miles Barr, was listed as one of the Top 100 Environmental Energy Leaders of 2022. We are proud for him to be named on such a prestigious list that is closely aligned with our company’s mission.. 


In November, Ubiquitous Energy was named the BIG Green Company of the Year For 2022. Maria Jimenez, chief nomination officer of the Business Intelligence Group, said, “We are so proud to reward Ubiquitous Energy for their outstanding 2022 leadership and achievements. This year’s group of winners have shown that resilience and determination are ‘must-haves’ in today’s economy.” We issued a press release to explain more about the BIG Green Company of the Year by Business Intelligence Group Award.


Inflation Reduction Act

We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in Fall of 2022. With $369B of new funding, the IRA will have a dramatic economic impact across the country and spark similar programs internationally. In addition, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) under the IRA will have a massive and historical impact on the renewable energy industry, most notably in the tax incentives for individuals and businesses with a big push for domestic manufacturing in the renewable sector.

We look forward to being part of the solution to help reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050. In a blog post this past Fall, we wrote more about our thoughts and predictions on the IRA. 


Notable Articles from 2022

Dezeen – “Ubiquitous Energy aims to make transparent solar windows a global standard”



Washington Post- Protecting Our Planet: The Role of Technology with Susan Stone



The Sustainable Life Podcast -Veeral Hardev Discusses Transparent Solar



CNBC: Solar window start-up aims to turn skyscrapers into vertical solar farms with investment from major window manufacturer



ABC News Feature- It’s not too late: Solar solutions to curb effects of climate change



CBS SF BayArea- Ubiquitous Energy’s Susan Stone & Miles Barr discuss UE technology and future 




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