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The Drive for Change in Commercial Development Sets the Stage for UE Power™

As companies strive to achieve carbon-neutral status, people are taking a closer look at the energy consumption of the buildings around us. Commercial buildings account for nearly 40 percent of the world’s total energy consumption thus posing challenges for builders and developers alike. Ubiquitous Energy transparent technology allows solar energy to be stored and used at the point of generation making them the perfect addition to new and existing commercial buildings.

By pairing UE Power™ technology with architectural glass, our product could offset up to 10% of global CO2 by transforming the passive low-E glass market with electricity-generating low-E glass. With vertical surfaces comprising up to 50 times that of rooftop space, solar windows have the potential to offset up to 30% of building electricity. They also qualify for solar investment tax credits and have a payback period of fewer than four years.

Solar windows can be integrated into smart facades enabling sensors, analytics, and motorization helping spaces become as energy efficient as possible. By monitoring air conditioning and heating alone the energy consumption for the building would drop significantly. By allowing smart technologies to track and adjust accordingly will be a huge benefit to the energy consumption we see today.

Commercial Architects and developers have increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint with new additions of CO2 mandates and updated building codes. Having dynamic glass with our technology would not only help meet these needs but increase the overall value of the building and attract tenants that we looking for smart, clean spaces to rent.

Solar windows allow building occupants to retain clear, vibrant experiences that a traditional window offers while being a powerful tool in the quest for optimal energy. This allows for an improved tenant experience, and thus they bring an overall elevation to the building’s net worth.

By marrying UE Power™ technology and architectural glass, we stand to gain a cleaner more economic future for the world around us.   



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