ubiquitous energy

Vladmir Bulovic

Vladimir Bulović, PhD is a co-founder of Ubiquitous Energy. Bulović is Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director of MIT.nano, and was previously Associate Dean for Innovation at MIT. Bulovic has launched a number of technology companies that have successfully commercialized research from his group, including Kateeva and QD Vision. Bulovic is an inventor of over 50 patents […]

Richard Lunt

Richard Lunt, PhD is a co-founder of Ubiquitous Energy. Lunt is a professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Michigan State University and is an expert in excitonic materials for solar energy and thin-film electronics. Lunt has won the NSF CAREER Award, a DuPont Young Professor Award, and a MassCEC Catalyst Award. He holds a […]

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