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How Women’s History Has Shaped Members of the Ubiquitous Energy’s Team

As we celebrate Women’s History Month we can look back on our history to see how we’ve gotten to where we are today. Throughout Women’s history, there is a common thread of resilience, courage, and progress. Women have always had to work hard to prove themselves in various areas of life, and the achievements of the women who came before have paved the way for the progress we see today. We interviewed a few Ubiquitous Energy team members to hear how Women’s history has helped shape their life.


Erin Cline, UE’s Graphic Designer, is inspired by the themes of perseverance and progress in women’s history and is motivated by the incredible story of teamwork that has led to the achievements of women. Jane Austen is her favorite female historical figure because of her counterculture stance on social standards and her drive to express that in her stories. The quote that resonates well with Cline from Austen is, “I was quiet, but I was not blind.” To empower other women to achieve success, Cline suggests being open about the ups and downs of the journey and sharing the process for finding solutions. She advises women trying to achieve success to define their personality, hold onto their dreams and interests, and be willing to rewrite things as they learn and grow.


When asked about the impact of women’s history on her, Tiffany Pham, UE’s Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, stated that women have had to work hard to prove themselves and gain basic respect. Still, she is grateful for the progress made thanks to the women who paved the way for her. She admires Harriet Tubman as a favorite female historical figure for her bravery and fearlessness in rescuing enslaved people through the Underground Railroad. Her favorite quote from Tubman is, “I had reasoned this out in my mind; there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” When asked about ways to empower other women, she praised the efforts of Ubiquitous Energy in promoting gender equality in the workplace. Her advice to women trying to succeed is to believe in themselves and their capabilities.


Crystal Alton, UE’s Director of Manufacturing Process Development, acknowledges the impact of women’s history on the fact that she can be a woman in science, in industry, and a leader because of the sacrifices and effects of women in these fields that paved the way before her. Margaret Atwood is a woman in history whom she admires for her thought-provoking writing. Crystal’s favorite quote by Atwood is, “An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness.” Alton believes in empowering other women by having conversations about their goals and encouraging them that they can achieve them. Crystal advises women trying to achieve success to trust their gut.


Allison Moghaddasi, UE’s Director of Marketing & Communications,  believes that the women who fought for equality and freedom set the foundation that afforded her the support and opportunities she has today. She admires Ruth Bader Ginsburg for advocating for women’s rights and holds close her classic quote: “Women belong in all the places where decisions are being made.” Allison believes in supporting and empowering women by offering guidance and opportunities they may not previously have access to, so they feel supported and can succeed.


Women’s history has significantly impacted individuals in different ways. It serves as a reminder of the progress made, the challenges women have had to overcome, and the importance of supporting and empowering each other. Through the stories of inspirational historical figures and by sharing their journeys toward success, we can continue to inspire and empower women to achieve greatness.



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