ubiquitous energy

Truly Transparent Solar

UE Power™

UE Power™ harvests energy from infrared and ultraviolet light, while visible light passes through. UE Power’s™ selective harvesting of sunlight makes it possible to invisibly generate electricity.

The transparent solar coating is made from light-absorbing dyes, sourced from non-toxic, earth-abundant materials, similar to the pigments found in fabrics and paints. This allows Ubiquitous Energy to integrate power generation into windows and the surfaces of everyday objects without compromising their aesthetic or functionality.

Patent Protected

Solar technology that selectively harvests invisible UV and IR light, the only way to achieve true transparency.

Truly Transparent

Transparency matches the premium look and aesthetics of traditional windows.


Generates enough electricity to power numerous applications within commercial and residential buildings and beyond.

Energy Efficient

UE Power™ does not affect the high standards of a low-e window and maintains all aesthetic properties of a traditional window.

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