clearview power™ technology for windows

  • Saves energy: offsets energy consumption in buildings and rejects unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light from entering the building
  • Provides onboard power: incorporates electronic functionality into windows without the need for wiring and expensive installation
  • Invisible: ClearView Power™ film covers vertical window surfaces without blocking the view or the quality of natural lighting

Opportunity: Building-integrated solar technologies are a promising pathway to capturing solar energy and increasing building efficiency at the point of electricity utilization. However, the widespread adoption of such technologies is severely hampered by the aesthetics associated with mounting traditional solar cells.

ClearView Power Solution: ClearView Power technology is an invisible, power-producing coating for windows. It provides a level of transparency to enjoy natural lighting and a view of surroundings while converting infrared and ultraviolet light into electricity to offset energy consumption. ClearView Power can also serve as an onboard source of electricity to autonomously power electronic smart window functionality.