May 2, 2016 | NSF awards Ubiquitous Energy $150K grant: Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships.

The National Science Foundation reaffirmed its confidence in Ubiquitous Energy with another award through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. This most recent $150,000 for Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships brings the total amount of Phase II awards from NSF to Ubiquitous Energy to $900,000. “We’re pleased and honored to receive continued funding from NSF for our ongoing development of ClearView PowerTM,” said Ubiquitous Energy CEO Miles Barr. “To be recognized and rewarded by such a respected authority on new technologies validates the tremendous potential for this truly transparent solar technology.”

Ubiquitous Energy’s Phase II project will focus on harnessing potential use cases for the ClearView PowerTM coating through prototype window development. The unique materials are intended to enable unprecedented freedom for architectural photovoltaic adoption by maintaining the aesthetics of existing building materials and the quality of natural indoor lighting. The unique approach could offer levelized photovoltaic energy costs as low as 0.05-0.1 $/kWhr by (1) producing 10-40% of DC building electricity at the point of utilization, eliminating the need for DC-AC-DC power electronics, (2) simultaneously reducing building cooling demands 10-30% through rejection of infrared solar heat, increasing the effective PV efficiency by over 5% (absolute), and (3) piggybacking on the materials, installation, framing, customer acquisition, and maintenance of the existing building envelope, reducing non-module costs by over 50%.