clearview power™ technology for mobile devices

  • Extends battery life: up to ‘infinite’
  • Increases energy: supports new features and functions in mobile devices
  • Invisible: ClearView Power™ transparent film covers the full display area

Opportunity: Rapid advances in mobile technologies and global high-bandwidth connectivity have led to a pervasive use of mobile devices. However, there has been little progress in the powering of these devices, and their limited battery life is the final hurdle in making mobile devices truly mobile. Energy harvesting with photovoltaics is an attractive solution, but there is little opportunity to design opaque solar cells into mobile devices whose surfaces are dominated by high-performance displays.

ClearView Power Solution: Ubiquitous Energy solves this problem by covering the full display area of mobile devices with its highly transparent ClearView Power film without impacting device aesthetics or display performance. Electricity is continuously generated from ambient light to charge batteries and extend run time. When applied to smart watches, tablets, eReaders, and smartphones, ClearView Power technology can extend battery life and even eliminate batteries for a totally mobile experience.