clearview power™ technology for the internet of things

  • Eliminates batteries: reduces cost, minimizes form factor, eliminates battery replacement and recycling
  • Increases energy: supports new features indoors and out—sensors, beacons, updates, geolocation…
  • Invisible: transparent ClearView Power film covers the device area

Opportunity: Rapid advances in highly efficient system-on-chip solutions, smart sensors and low-power radio communications are enabling a vast number of distributed electronic devices. Examples include digital signage, distributed sensors, and devices for building and home automation, as well as medical and environmental monitoring. However, powering these “internet of things” with batteries presents the burdens of limited useful life, increased form factor, and increased costs (e.g., battery replacement and recycling).

ClearView Power Solution: Ubiquitous Energy solves these problems by leveraging the surface area of internet-of-things displays for energy harvesting with its highly transparent ClearView Power film.  The electricity that is generated from indoor or outdoor ambient light is used to continuously recharge small, low-cost capacitors instead of batteries for infinite device life—all with no aesthetic impact.