January 6-9, 2016 | Ubiquitous Energy attends 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

For the first time, ClearView PowerTM was on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Ubiquitous Energy had a private suite rather than the hectic showroom floor and held two dozen meetings with prospective customers and partners.  With progress towards its minimum viable product indicating a Q1 transition from R&D into application development, the company shared live demonstrations and product details with prospects.

“It’s rewarding to have progressed to a stage where you can begin engaging in discussions with prospective customers,” said Ubiquitous Energy CEO Miles Barr. “After being head down for the past year focusing on core technology development, it feels great to hear the positive feedback from those we’ll be targeting for our next phase of development.”

Thanks to its new prototype production line and hard-working engineering team, Ubiquitous Energy achieved remarkable gains in the performance of ClearView PowerTM in 2015. Ubiquitous Energy tested more than 100,000 ClearView PowerTM solar cells in 2015, driving increased efficiency of the truly transparent solar technology.